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Félbeszakadt a tegnap esti Kansas City-beli koncert!

Félbeszakadt a tegnap esti Kansas City-beli koncert!

Félbemaradt a tegnap Kansas City-ben tervezett koncert. Dave Gahan 6 szám eléneklése után - miután átadta Martinnak néhány lassúbb, visszafogottabb dal erejéig a terepet a színpadon - rosszul lett a kulisszák mögött.


Meg nem erősített hírek szerint a frontemberen kitört “Montezuma bosszúja: alul felül ömlött ki az étel”, feltehetőleg gyomorrontás miatt.

A Stripped-et újra kellett indítaniuk (ez volt Dave utolsó dala a koncerten), mert Martin tévesztett a szintetizátoron (hosszabban játszott egy dallamot, amitől Dave pontatlanul lépett be. A Tampabeli koncerthez hasonlóan félbeszakították és újrakezdték a dalt, a közönség jól vette a dolgot. A Martin-blokk különlegessége volt egy, a szokásos “bare” előadásmódtól eltérő, gazdagabban hangszerelt It Doesn’t Matter Two, amelyet Christian kisért dobon és Peter Gordeno basszusgitáron.

Ezután folytatódott volna a Dave által énekelt dalok sora, kezdve az In Your Room-mal, de Martin leálíította kezdő futamokat valamilyen technikai problémára hivatkozva. Dave ekkor már nem jelent meg a színpadon.

Martin spontán 6 számosra bövített koncertblokkjában további 4 dal hangzott el. A Leave In Silence eléneklése után az egyik színpadépítő bejelentette: “Nem tudjuk folytatni a show-t, mert az énekes rosszul lett.” Az ijesztő bejelentést követően Fletch közölte a közönséggel, hogy Dave sürgős korházi kezelésre szorult, de megpróbálják folytatni a koncertet.

További három szám hangzott el, Martin kitett magáért, de a jelen körülmények miatt a koncertet félbe kellett, hogy hagyják.

A tegnap esti koncertprogram:
01 Intro
02 A Pain that I’m Used To
03 A Question of Time
04 Suffer Well
05 Precious
06 Walking in My Shoes
07 Stripped (újrakezdték)
08 Home
09 It Doesn’t Matter Two
10 Leave in Silence*
11 A Question of Lust*
12 Somebody*
13 Damaged People*

Forrás: Home


::: English ::::

I have some major news to report. Tonight, for the first time in seems like forever, DM had to cancel their show, after it had already started, and before even reaching the half-way point. Here’s how it happened. (and I was only 10 rows back from the front, so I had really good seats and view IMO.)

The show started off great. Great atmosphere, everyone pumped and excited and the band reacting accordingly. Nothing at all seemed amiss. During the 2nd song (AQOT) Dave even did a ton of his “signature” spins with the mic stand. During “Stripped” though, Dave clearly had problems with his earpieces and couldn’t hear the backing tapes, and started the song, only to mess it up and have to begin again. The crowd was quite forgiving and let it pass with no second thought. After like 3-4 songs, Dave left the stage so that Martin could do his usual 2-3 songs, as is the norm it seems. After Martin performed “Home”, the intro to “IYR” started. The crowd (who knew the song) was excited and started to cheer. Except Dave never came out. Martin, wondering what was going on, walks over to where Fletch is, to inquire what was going on. A roadie comes out and talks to Martin, and then he nods and walks back. The backing tape is stopped, and Martin tells the crowd that they “are having technical difficulties” and that they would move on with another song. He quickly confers with the rest of the crew on stage and then they launch into a toned-down version of “Leave in Silence.”

After that is finished, a bald crew member/roadie comes out and announces to the crowd that they are NOT having technical difficulties, but that they have instead “lost the man in the middle”. Massive gasps and whispering begin to immediately flow throughout the entire crowd. The lights go up and the whole band leaves the stage. The crowd began to become a big aggitated, and after a couple of minutes, Fletch came out. The crowd settled down, and he announced that Dave was having “a medical emergency” that wasn’t serious, but prevented him from continuing the concert. General shock and disbelief was the reaction from the crowd. He half-heartedly suggested that the concert was over, “unless you wanted Martin to do a few more songs”. Naturally the crowd cheered at this idea, and so after a short while Martin and the drummer and keyboardist (sorry I forget their names at the moment) came back on.

They then performed “AQOL”. After that was over, Martin joked to the crowd about “do you ever have nightmares”. They then played “Somebody” and “Damaged People” to what can best be described as a standoff-ish crowd. After “DP”, Martin and everybody left, and then Fletch came back on to announce that they were going to have to “call it a day” (at a night concert) and that the show was over. And then I witnessed something I thought I would never see. The entire crowd BOOED. Fletch was booed off the stage and fans continued to boo as the lights were turned on.

While leaving, 99% of everybody I walked by was yelling and pissed off and making comments about refunds or how mad they were.

There were no reps at the gates in regards to refunds, so there probably won’t be any at all. I don’t anticipate a make-up date either.

Now here comes the part about my opinion and what I witnessed first-hand from a fairly decent perspective. From the 2nd song on, Dave continually motioned off the stage (to crew members I’m assuming) that his earpieces weren’t working and that he either couldn’t hear properly the sound, or something wasn’t right with the sound he was getting. While Dave was on stage, he looked in top form as well. He didn’t look ill, didn’t look sick, nothing. I’ve seen DM in person before, and he looked just the same, if not better, than when I saw them last. It is in my opinion that Dave was simply upset or not happy with the sound system or his earpieces or something along those lines, and that he simply refused to come back on to finish the rest of the show. Again, this is only from what I observed, and from the crew themselves initially announcing it as a “technical problem” and then changing it to a “medical problem” that I have come up with this opinion. Plus, if it was indeed some “medical emergency” that prevented Dave from peforming, why wouldn’t Martin want to stop the concert as well, to make sure that his friend and bandmate for nearly 25 years is okay? Why would he instead be in a fairly jovial and joking mood during the extra songs?

A few informed fans were yelling “New Orleans” out as they left, in ref. (i’m assuming) to the Devotional tour and how Dave’s medical issues affected that concert.

I’ve only been this mad and upset once before in my life, and that was at the death of my grandmother, whom I loved dearly. I can’t believe that this happened with my all-time fav. band. If it’s what I think happened, then my opinion of them has just changed drastically.

I have no clue if they will perform in Chicago or not now, which I think is their next stop on the tour.

(once again, major and huge apologies to the mod’s for posting this where I did. I couldn’t post it in the KC thread, and I felt the need to let other fans know what happened.)

RAF, it came damn close. I’ve been reading what others are posting over on and most of them are okay with it or must have been at a completely different concert.

Again, I’m not buying the “sick” thing for just now. No way does a sick man perform the way I saw Dave tonight. If that’s sick, I would love to see what his healthy is.


this is a post taken from another board with more detailed info, first hand info…..if that’s ok to post, if not take it away.
I spoke with one of the sound engineers who said that Dave passed out backstage during Martin’s solo numbers. He mentioned the week long road trip and suggested that it could have been bad food or water. He said that Dave was taken to the hospital.

Martin did the best he could to finish the show.
Set List:

1. Intro
2. A Pain that I’m Used To
3. A Question of Time
4. Suffer Well
5. Precious
6. Walking in My Shoes
7. Stripped (*Restart*)
8. Home
9. It Doesn’t Matter Two
10. Leave in Silence
11. A Question of Lust
12. Somebody
13. Damaged People

“Stripped” had to be restarted after Martin played the melody for one bar too long and Dave missed his cue slightly. He stopped the song just like did with “Everything Counts” in Tampa. The crowd took it all in fun. “It Doesn’t Matter Two” featured Martin on guitar, Peter on electric bass, and Christian on drums.

They started “In Your Room” but the programming cut out, so Martin said they would have to stop and do something else due to “technical difficulties”. At that point, I said to the couple next to me “I don’t see Dave.”

After Martin sang “Leave in Silence”, one of the roadies announced that “we are unable to continue, because we have lost our man in the middle.” At first I was shocked. Fletch then came on and said that Dave had a medical emergency, but that they would try to carry on.

Martin did a great job with the remaining tracks. It would have been nice to see him try an uptempo number that the crowd could have helped him through like JCGE, but under the circumstances, they were very COOL to keep it going for as long as they did.

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